BLUeCODE® document authentication service 

Verify anytime, anywhere

    Why anti-fraud solutions?

    There are at least ten types of identity theft and fraud today, causing billions of dollars of loss every year. To combat this threat, governments and companies are exploring new ways to make IDs highly secured and reliable, very difficult to forge, but easy to verify.

    Introducing BLUeCODE®

    A secure machine-readable digital identity based on sophisticated cryptography that provides the highest level of security. It also reduces the reliance on subjective judgment during the verification process.

    A secured and reliable ID verification

    By using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology — the cryptography method that is also used in ePassports and eIDs, — BLUeCODE® allows performing issuer authentication and data integrity checks based on the encoded data.

    • BLUeCODE® is a machine-readable 2D high-density matrix storing ID holders’ demographic information, photo, and other biometric data. It can be printed on any ID.

    • Unlike other commercial codes, BLUeCODE® can only be generated by the BLUeCODE® Secure Generator based on PKI technology and read with the BLUeCODE® Verification Mobile App.

    • BLUeCODE® Verification Mobile App runs on smartphones with camera. It does not require dedicated hardware to facilitate authentication and verification.

    • The holder’s information is encoded into the BLUeCODE® and does not rely on the backend server to retrieve data. Thus, verification can be done without an Internet connection.

    BLUeCODE® is so easy


    Demographic and biometric data are collected through an enrollment process.


    The information is encrypted and encoded by the BLUeCODE® Secure Generator.


    Dimension of BLUeCODE® varies according to the amount of data stored.


    BLUeCODE® size can vary when printed on the ID document.


    ID document with BLUeCODE® is presented for verification.


    Verification mobile app scans the BLUeCODE® using the camera on the smartphone.


    (Optional) A photo of the document holder is taken to perform facial recognition.


    Data contained in the BLUeCODE® gets displayed on the smartphone.

    Where can BLUeCODE® help?

    BLUeCODE® is a new and effective way to secure confidential documents in all situations that demand the utmost data protection and reliability.

    National identity


    Voter identity

    Driving license

    What is BLUeCODE® made of?

    BLUeCODE® solution consists of two core engines — BLUeCODE® Secure Generator and BLUeCODE® Verification Mobile App. The former covers data preparation and encryption, while the latter assists the verification officers to confirm the identity of the document holder.

    What our clients love about BLUeCODE®

    The BLUeCODE® provides infinite possibilities for governments and companies around the world to ensure security of the confidential documents in an efficient way.

    Identity theft reduction

    Common identity fraud is by altering an existing document or forging a real one. BLUeCODE® encodes a digital signature onto an ID document to ensure it has not been tampered with and is issued by a genuine authority.

    Easy deployment

    Enforcement officers and private enterprises (i.e., banks and insurance companies) can use the BLUeCODE® Verification Mobile App to verify the BLUeCODE® with a smartphone. It eliminates the need to set up expensive IT infrastructure.

    Privacy and trust

    BLUeCODE® utilizes biometric data verifiers to verify the authenticity of the document holder, reducing the reliance on subjective judgment. With the increasing demand for privacy, BLUeCODE® ensures data encrypted in the code reveals only necessary information.

    Autonomous verification

    BLUeCODE® leverages the mobility of smartphones and the convenience of verification without an Internet connection. It improves the process and effectiveness of the enforcement officers in performing the required checks.