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Bollettino Gare


An electronic full-text publication that contains all the tenders and opportunities for ICT Italian public market, delivered by email three times a week.

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Bollettino Gare


All the tenders and opportunities for Transportation and Logistic Italian public market in your inbox as an electronic full-text publication, three times a week.

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Bollettino Gare


A regular e-mail with the full-text publication of all the procurement and supply tenders and opportunities for Engineering Italian public market, three times a week.

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The information for the bulletins is retrieved from the national press, the EEC Gazette, the Gazette of the Republic, the MEPA and the main public trading platforms, the Regional Bulletins and more than 1200 Pretori Registers and websites.

How it works

Receive the newsletter

The Tender Bulletin is sent via newsletter three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). It is accompanied by an interactive index of the tenders, with indication of the geographical area, organization, amount, object, and deadline.

The Bulletin is sent with a file in html format attached.

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This file can be viewed on any browser installed on your PC, and is structured to make searching for races as easy and fast as possible. Each tender is displayed with the following details:

  • Area
  • Contracting body
  • Object
  • Amount
  • Expiration

Follow the link

By clicking on the number of the tender of interest, you will be redirected to the corresponding announcement online.

We do not use scripts for searches

We hand-pick and carefully read through the objects of the tender to be sure that all the necessary information reaches our customers correctly.

These are the types of tenders published in our bulletin. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your industry is in the uncovered area.

  • All IT tenders and tenders and Information Technology in general, from information systems to help desks, contact centers, call centers, HW, SW, specific training, web learning, development services, etc.

  • Automation of production and administrative processes, attendance control, parking automation, parking meters, telecontrol, etc.

  • All tenders announced by the EU, ENEA, CNR, SNAM, ENEL, and any public body that makes tenders available with IT or investigative pertinence.

  • All tenders for management consultancy, strategic planning, technical assistance, management control, quality process control, real estate and movable asset management, contract monitoring, ex post or ex ante monitoring and definition, economic-administrative consultancy, feasibility studies, etc.

  • All TLC and ITC tenders and contracts, GSM-LTE-TETRA systems, User Management Systems, structured cabling, voice/data cabling, telematic networks, local networks, ultra-broadband networks, modems, multiplexes, routers, defense systems, digital exchanges; etc.

  • Management and staff training services, IT training, etc.

  • Measurements and monitoring, also via satellite, of air, water, and acoustic quality; wide area networks; SIT; GIS; remote sensing; fire monitoring; Seismic data; Technical/numerical cartography; etc.

  • Audit services, balance sheet auditing, merger & acquisition operations, financial advisory, etc.

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Bollettino Gare

€189.00 (tax)
Total: €1,050.00

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