Sweet Wish mobile app

Custom orders solution for bakeries

Sweet Wish App (1 month subscription)


    Are you losing business because you miss out on custom orders?

    Save your time and effort and give buyers the convenience and ultra customization they want.

    How Sweet Wish can help your business

    This custom cake mobile app for bakeries enables direct online ordering and quicker delivery, letting you process more orders.

    Smooth customer experience and decreased waiting times ensure higher customer satisfaction.

    How it works


    Sweet Wish reads the database from your Point-of-Sale and displays it in a self-order format on the tablet.


    Buyers put together their custom order, place it and pay with a card, all on their own.


    The system sends order details to your team via email, physical receipts, or messages.

    Create more comfort for your clients

    • Customization of delights with their preferred ingredients.
    • No waiting in lines during pick-up.
    • Easy payment with a credit card.
    • Automated notifications when orders are ready.
    • Intuitive menu and ordering process.

    Boost your business with extra features

    Use modern customer management solutions

    Understand buyers’ purchasing patterns

    Create the list of the top requested delights

    Sweet Wish cuts expenses and gives customers the service they crave

    Sweet Wish App (1 month subscription)